Robyn M. Jacobson

Chief Executive Officer


Robyn Jacobson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Entrustâ„ , a multifaceted benefit solution provider, focused on the design and administration of innovative benefit health plans for self-insured employers and municipalities throughout the country. With a focus on compliance, Jacobson leads Entrust to push industry standards while providing exceptional analytic and creative solutions to employers.


As a leader in the self-funded industry, she has taken an active role in state & national policy issues. Her main focus and passion is to bring healthcare transparency and health literacy to the forefront. Jacobson served as Chairman of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) and was President of the Texas Association of Benefit Administrators (TABA) for two terms. In 2012, she was appointed by the Governor of Texas to serve on the Texas Institute of Healthcare Quality & Efficiency for its four year tenure. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Business for 3 years and still serves on its Health Committee, which sets out the legislative policy for employers in Texas. In 2007, the passage of a landmark bill requiring loss experience disclosure (Texas HB2015) was the direct result of a six-year legislative effort led by Jacobson and is considered by many to exemplify how transparency can lead to a free market in healthcare. She is often sought after to speak on health literacy, transparency and innovative, value-based benefit strategies for employers and industry groups.

Eugene J. Rodgers, Jr.



As President of the Entrust Companies (Entrust), Rodgers is responsible for driving organizational performance. He worked closely with Entrust on a variety of projects before joining the company full-time as President in 2017. Since officially joining the team, he has become a conduit of communication between the broker community and the Entrust sales team.


Rodgers utilizes his wide breadth of knowledge across various industries and signature traits of integrity, passion, commitment, results, and out-of-the-box creativity to tactfully lead sales efforts and successfully create lasting relationships.


With an impressive 25-year track record as a seasoned executive, Rodgers upholds the Entrust standards of expertise and accessibility, eagerly sharing his knowledge and unrelenting desire to provide exceptional service and health benefits for Entrust clients and partners.